Selling Basics

Creating a great listing

1) Title

Attract the attention of potential buyers by using descriptive title with relevant keywords, which will help your item to be easily found. Try to make it different from other listings.

2) Description

The more details you provide the better. Include the brand & model, age, condition and features. Also state whether the product is in new condition or not.

3) Price

Search Bazaario to see how much similar items are selling for. You can also chose to sell the item at a fixed price, called Buy Now.

4) Good Photographs

Provide good quality, well lit photos of the actual item. You can upload up to 10 photos for each listing.

5) Finishing Time

Set your auction to finish at a convenient time for potential buyers. Obviously do not set up finishing time for the middle of the night, as most of the bidders will be sleeping.

6) Shipping

Include shipping options and costs. Buyers prefer to know up-front what the shipping costs will be.

7) Payment

Make payment arrangements with buyer, do not give out your bank information. Use cash, checks, credit card or Paypal.