Bazaario is now offering nonprofit organizations a unique and accessible alternative to traditional forms of fundraising that can be difficult to organize and leave little room for actual benefits.

We would like to introduce Bazaario Online Fundraisers, the simple and secure way to raise funds for any event or cause. What we offer is a specific page on Bazaario for each club to display all items that have been donated for auction by its supporters. We will work together with each organization to determine an appropriate duration for the auction, how best to promote it, and ways in which we can improve on its chances of success.

Bazaario is a North American website with an exclusively North American membership, so international shipping costs and duty taxes are not an issue. And thanks to Bazaario’s Local Search function, larger items such as furniture and automobiles can be listed with no additional hassle. Bazaario Online Fundraisers allow nonprofit organizations to achieve the goals they have set out for themselves by reaching out to their own communities.

For pricing information or to book an Online Fundraiser, please contact us at [email protected]